July 24th, 2012

Honda Day DJ Competition

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Written by: mcslick
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For many years we’ve gotten endless request from DJ’s wanting to come Honda Day and DJ for the fans as well as their friends. Now, here’s your chance!!! As a part of our 10 anniversary celebration we’re putting together our 1st ever “Party Rocking” DJ competition. This is your chance come up on stage and show the Honda Day fans your skills on the wheels of steel. We want you to come up with your best routine to make the fans go wild and lose there minds.

This is how potential competitors will enter the competition.

1. Submit a 5-6 minute video of you DJ’ing via Youtube or Vimeo to
Also include your full name, phone number and the best time to contact you in your email. (Your contact information will remain fully confidential and will not be shared.)

2. Show us your best routine of how you would party rock the crowd using any kind of music that you want. Party breaks and microphone skill are highly recommended. If you can scratch, beat juggle, and do body tricks we’d also like to see that as well.

3. All of the music/content in your routine MUST be clean and/or be radio edits. No profanity what so ever!

4. You MUST use the traditional turntables and a mixer. No DJ controllers allowed. Example: Numark NS7, Vestax VCI, Pioneer DDS-1, Traktor Kontrol S2.

5.You can use Serato, Traktor, or any other kind of DJ software, but it must me incorporated with turntables, just no standalone DJ controllers.

6.We will be providing (2) Technic 1200 turntables, and either a Rane TTM-56 or Rane 62 mixer.

7.Your video entry will be reviewed by the Honda Day staff and they will be selecting 3 competitors. If your entry is approved, a staff member will contact with all of the details regarding the competition.

The winner will solely be decided by the audience and their reaction to your routine. The Honda Day staff will have no say. The winner will receive a gift bag full of Honda Day swag as well as some other goodies. You will also get an hour long set later on during the day as well as a set at the Fall Nationals in October. Since we’re always trying top the previous Honda Day, we’re sure that there will be some other prizes as well. And, you all know there’s always plenty of media coverage at Honda Day so you know you’re going to get a ton of exposure. We’re all looking forward to viewing your entries.

Any questions or comments can also be sent to

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