About Slick

Born Brian Samuels, better known to the stage as Mc Slick, is a Car Show Host, MC, with a strong cultural, artistic awareness. A native of Brooklyn, U.S.A, he’s become synonymous with what we like to call a Show Closer appeal. He clearly has made the “Car Show host” element something to remember. Standing at 6’4, fashionable, unpredictable in direction, and energetic, Mc.Slick is associated with turning the mic into a double barrel shotgun. His ability to combine an eclectic vocabulary with an igniting volume of his trademark raspy voice, allows him to drown a D.J.’s music and command a crowds attention and have them rock to his style of Show Closing. At an early age, it was his love for car’s, music, fashion and entertainment that fueled his desire to find a way to capture its essence to broader audiences. While working regular 9-5’s, he pursued his dreams by hosting the best car shows and promoting for several entertainment venues. His vocal ability eventually caught the attention of Javier Ortega the head organizer of many Motorsport event’s, on the East Coast.

After given the opportunity to hold the mic, what started as hosting a few car shows has caused entertainers, venues, businesses, across the United States, demanding for him to appear and host multiple events. His collective line of work has grown iconic for the speed and short time in which it has been accomplished. He currently MC’s, Hosts for O.G.S, English Town Raceway Park, Wheel Concepts, Formula Drift, the Funk Flex Car Show, Clubs, Anniversaries, Signings, and multiple industry venues from Boston, NY-NJ, Atlanta, Florida, Las Vegas. The caliber of individuals he’s worked with consist of L.L. Cool J, Joell Ortiz, Red Café, David Rush, Chad B, Maino, Sensato, Ricky Blaze, Ravenis, Jerome Williams, Fred Robbins, D Roy X, DJ’s The Elite Camp, Dj L Nino, Dj Jon Doe, Dj Shy, and many more.

In a world of many voices, it’s whose voice is ready, prepared, entertaining, and ridiculously amp’d, that will captivate a crowd at will. His style never brought an army, it created many.